'Slumber is never at peace when you are incomplete'


'I'm suppose to risk death in war based solely on my gender- am i a not victim of gender discrimination?
The millions killed in war are overwhelming male. It's the worst form of sexism in the world.'
:: Raizor ::

What happened to the men? War is a vicious circle.
The Magnitude of war, upon others that would affect the sociology
that our children will live on one day.


ibear custom for


Dont Panic edition: Addiction

Nokia Promo Show

Live painting for Nokia with Art buddies.
KILAS and SpeakCryptic. I had a blast guys!

Peel Here

Peel Here 2006
OneTwoDelta at Peel Here.

A Celebration of Adhesive Art
At the Ghetto Mansion
2225 South Olive Street
Los Angeles,

Brought to you by StikyRicks.

Displacementary Exhibition

October 2006: The SeekGlory Philosophy


'Killing me softly'

The Fish Monger

Feeling like seafood tonight?


'Don't be Reckless with someone's heart and don't put up with those who are reckless with yours...'
Baz Lerman

Yeah Yeah

A Habit...

DontPanic Pack

Design forDontPanic
Distribution Packs.

Zie Munstar

The lil prick who's been keepin me deprived of sleep, everynight...

The Devil Wears...

'The Devil wears...'
Poster for Don't, Fashion Issue


Displacementary opened with an accomplishing response. Huge thanks to
KILAS, ANTZ, Sheryo, Wan and Zee for the support and love...
Heads up to Toys'R'Evil for the great photos.

For all the patrons that took the time to come for the exhibition,
I sincerely thank you for the worthy support and hope it was a pleasure.

:: Artvsts :: and Yours Truly will have their first exhibition at
City Callery,
Level 4 Bras Basah Complex.

The show will kick off on 30th September at 7.30pm. It will run for a month.
We hope to see you at our Showcase.
Thank You...


The sparks that follows....
Poster for
Sex Issue


He will trade his toys for your soul...there's a price for all things good.

The International Love Sign

The international gesture that surpasses any verbal constraints, understood throughout continents.
Poster for

Lets Play!

Kids are at best with their sharpest toys..

Artvsts and PFT

Motion Painting Session 06

Character Sketch

Random Character Sketch
Anyone has a cool comic script?

Black Book Session

Black Book Session
Late Night Itch

Digital Intrusion

Digital Intrusion
Digital Alarm Clock: Customed

ShhH...Louder Please, Thank You...

Keep It Like a Secret, SpeakCryptic and OneTwoDelta

HOME CLUB, 20 Upper Circular RD. The Riverwalk B1-01/06

OneTwoDelta will be gracing the Exhibition that will kick off from 22nd July 2006
Doors open from 3pm.
Outdoor booth in the club premises selling limited edition merchandise/vintage clothing & more.
Live band performances starts from 7.30pm, POPTART plays their favorite tunes from 11.30pm till dawn

A live silkscreen/graffiti demonstration by KEEP IT LIKE A SECRET &
FRIENDS will be conducted, after which the pieces will be put on sale
here exclusively, along with other "KEEP IT LIKE A SECRET" art
paraphernalia and original works.

Chapter One DER ACH
OneTwoDelta was at Bandung with Indonesia's beautiful people. It was a blasting Bandung!!
For more pictures visit

Teddy Diablo

Flying Fotress: Teddy Troopers
'Teddy Diablo'

Roar is the New Purr

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OneTwoDelta with Artvsts and Geeksigners, SpeakCryptic and KILAS
at esplanade for public interaction and charity effort.
Kudos to Kenn,Ling and Brandon for making it a blast.

Snake Bottle

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'OneTwoDelta style'


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Garuda 2006

Off The Wall - Singapore Art Museum

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Off The Wall - Singapore Art Museum
Collaboration with Clog02, KGB, Syco, TraseOne, Zero, PFT, Slac01, SpeakCryptic, Maes2ro and Antz.
It was a blast!!

Posters for sale

Posters at Adventures in Kitsch

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OneTwoDelta's posters are now available online at Adventures in Kitsch.
Designer toys by amazing international visual artists are available as well.

Garuda Skull

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Random Pen drawings on sticker paper...