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Based on the Iconic logo and movie that almost all the kids my generation will always remember...
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Tapau: Visual Art Exhibition

| Tapau: The Visual Art Exhibition |
TheyArtStudio, the Annexe, Central Market
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
9th August to 19 August 2008
(from 6pm)

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Let's put on our suit!!

The Anthropology Series

: And my eyes feel insecure at my heart not seeing you... :

'The Anthropology Series explores Kyun's language in its most honesty.
This series is an attempt to digest his expression in OneTwoDelta's own dimension.
Kyun's obscuruties and subtleness are intervened, re-interpreted and relayed on fresh eyes.
This is when honesty meets another.'

: If only there's another word to describe love, as I love you more than love itself... :

: The sculpture of my smile lies in the heart of your love... :

: One reason why I love you dearly, you made me fall for you over again and again and again, without me realise I'm falling in love again... :

Quotes by Kyun
from There You Go: A multi-tone freakshow exhibition


A distress signal from a mind-numbing year of robotic routines to make ends meet had declared May 1st as an official day of nationwide slacking. A group of optimistic, and some times eccentric, creative individuals were perfectly clear on what they did not like: too much work and too little fun. So they each worked under their own pseudonym and one shared face, and very seriously made fun art for the love of life. There You Go is a showcase of works that probes the relationship between good and evil; beauty and ugliness; love and hate; friendship and animosity by nine local designers and fine artists.

There You Go is an independent effort by nine designers and fine artists whose works ranges from paintings, drawings, installation to poetry. Held in a rustic shophouse at 21 Haji Lane, this exhibition will tour the two-story facade of this modest space. Expect a lot of colours, details, obscurities and subliminal teasers. With these the exhibition hopes to converse with the audience, whilst sharing the ideas and agendas behind the featured works.

Exhibition will last through the day from 10.00am,
with the official opening at 5.00pm.


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Kudos to The Super Sunday for an awesome session!

:Book Of Cans:
Artwork for 400ML:Book Of Cans project